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Oxtongue aloe in 'lattice' (gold)

Oxtongue aloe in 'lattice' (gold)

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-Oxtongue aloe

-Lattice gold planter

-Care card

-Unboxing scroll

Oxtongue aloe is one of the more unusual looking succulents: its leaves look like broad speckled tongues growing in opposite pairs.

Thrives in bright indirect light, even some dappled later afternoon sunlight.

Keep an eye out for little green tips poking out beside the main plant - gasterias, like many aloes and haworthias, will start to make pups fairly quickly when treated well.

Comes in the 'lattice' pop planter from plantersbyPOP (2.5x3in), in our signature succulent potting mix, and with a care card.