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ISB/RWP ONLY - Aloe vera in 'face'

ISB/RWP ONLY - Aloe vera in 'face'

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We will deliver to you in main areas of ISB, RWP, DHA, Bahria

DIMENSIONS: 4.75in x 5.25in planter + ~6in tall plant

Aloe Vera is a quintessential favorite. Great for living rooms and offices alike.

Just make sure to put it in one place permanently, where it receives bright light all day, and 3 or 4 hours of soft morning or late afternoon sunshine doesn't hurt either. If it's a place that doesn't get direct dhoop then place it within 4 to 8inches of a window. Keeping in office lighting will be trickier. Make sure only to get it if the lights remain on for 12-16 hours a day if there is no window nearby. Water very cinservatively if in an office setting. 

Aloe Vera should be watered only when the soil has completely dried which in an indoor setting can take from 7-14 days. Poke your finger into the soil mix to find out if its still wet. Water only when dry. 

Comes in the 'Face planter' from plantersbyPOP, made of a concrete like material with resin and other coatings to make it waterproof, washable, and stain resistant.