POSTALINK - who are you thinking about?

Three reasons to try it today:

Firstly - it is so nice to get snail mail! And I mean from someone you actually care about -- not a brochure or a magazine or a bill or something. An actual message from an actual person who knows you lol.

Why is it so nice though?

I mean -- I don't know. But ... maybe? because it's so tactile. It's something you can actually touch and feel and handle and stick up on your fridge or put in your box of memories. Maybe it's because it shows a level of thought or caring from the person that's a little rare nowadays. Maybe because it's so very personal -- it's not a copy/paste or an emoji or a meme that everyone's seen -- it's a very specific message to a very specific you. Maybe it's all of those things.

All I know is - it's a little bit magical.

And I personally think it would be really nice to give someone a little moment of magic - quite spontaneously, quite unexpectedly - in what otherwise might be a humdrum or stressful or lonely day. A little frisson, if you will, of intimacy - of suddenly being transported to a little moment where it is just you and that person - separated by time and space but connected nonetheless, as if by magic.

Whew that was long. Let's go to reason number 2.


Secondly, it's easy. Well - maybe not that easy. We have a lot (A LOT) of options. All beautiful, aesthetic, modern, botanical, romantical, impractical, sabbatical -- all super curated. You could end up browsing for hours, days even, stuck in analysis paralysis. 'Should I pick the bear with the scarf, or a flamingo? I know we always liked to joke about gossipy parrots-' (I mean, I don't know what your inside jokes are, but we've got you covered) 'but we also liked to joke about being blue in space' (again, not judging - just tryna be here for you, fam).

But apart from that, it's as easy as pie. Actually I don't find pie very easy to bake or to eat - let's try: it's as easy as looking at a pie. Yeah that sounds about right.

All you have to do is pick a notecard, write the message you want for your partner-in-frisson, and boom, you're done. We'll take care of the rest.

We'll get the message on the card, the card in the envelope, the envelope addressed, sealed, delivered (I'm yours! Sorry, Stevie Wonder moment there.)

And thirdly (and lastly!) -- it's cheap. LOL. I know I know -- I said all that about magic and frisson and intimacy and whatnot and now I'm talking about SASTAAAAAA LOOT SALE dasti innit bro but for reals - the bang for your buck with this Rs.299 is immeasurable. The value is priceless. The feels are real, and lasting.

With that said - here is the original landing page designed to tell you about all this before I started getting longwinded. Thank you for your time.


Imagine you could

(We'll handle the details)

1) We'll get your message on the notecard

All you have to do is write the message you want to send someone - we'll write it or type it onto the back of the notecard exactly as you've written it (funny typos and all!).

2) We'll address the envelope, stamp it and send it on its way!

We'll put the notecard in the envelope, seal the envelope with love (and glue!), address it, stamp it, and have it sent to your person lickety-split. "Toot sweet." Dasti. Andale!



3) This is the easiest and best way for you to put a spark of joy in someone's day, a pep in their step, a smile on their face.

Assuming your person isn't Benjamin Button, every second counts. Think of someone, anyone. And now the best part. You get to...

let them know <3<3<3

Go browse. And if you get stuck in analysis paralysis just click on the little blue Facebook (sorry - mEtA!) messaging button on the bottom right corner and I'll help you out!

Send someone a message - who are you thinking about today?