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Post COVID: One shop's struggle for survival












We are a plant shop based in F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. It's a cosy little space to showcase some indoor plants in nice pots, which are tough to get at the nurseries. The idea for the shop came about after listening to a lot of nursery-walas tell us simply to "baramday main rakh dain," in response to our questions about which plants would be able to do well indoors. We like having plants around us in our living space, they bring out the "zhuzh" in it, and give a cheerful calm look to a place. Next time you go to a fancy restaurant, think about what makes the place look fresh yet cosy, and more often than not you'll find it's the plants that make the difference.


We wanted to bring the indoor plant experience to other people while at the same time hand-holding them through it and helping them care for these plants. We had learnt the hard way after killing many, many (many!) plants in inappropriate light conditions. 

So there we were with the cosy little indoor plant shop of our dreams, when COVID-19 happened. Understandably, people didn't want to come out to the shop. Sales suffered. A month went by under lock down. And then another two weeks. Something had to give.

Plant shop

We decided if people couldn't come to the shop, we would just have to "take the shop to the people." We launched this website to make it easy for patrons of The Leaf House to shop for our plants. A packaging system had to be devised to ensure plants reached people safely. There were still accidents, so we started delivering plants with a guarantee. If a plant gets significantly damaged during transit, we replace it. No questions asked, no additional charges. 

True to the spirit in which we started out, we endeavor to help our customers become successful plant parents.

We send care cards with our plants to help you figure out what kind of light and water they need.

We're available to answer plant-related questions and concerns anytime on Instagram or Facebook.

We take time to write out blogs, which you can check out at the bottom of this page - those we update regularly with best practices for indoor plant care.

We hope you'll get the same joy from keeping indoor plants that we, and so many of our happy customers, have experienced! Happy plant parenting :) 

To see some of our plants for sale online please click here.

Or come by the shop: The Leaf House, near Ali Medical and TCS Office, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad