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The Wonder and the Woe of Plant Parenting

  • Prop your Hawaiian in 3 Easy Steps

    Propping your broken hawaiian - you can follow this process for propping many other succulents by stem cutting as well!
  • The Truth about Indoor Plants

    Do they make you happier? Calmer? Less stressed? More productive? Quicker to recover from illness/surgery? A pretty strong YES to all of those! And...
  • Post COVID: One shop's struggle for survival

    The idea for the shop came about after listening to a lot of nursery-walas tell us simply to "baramday main rakh dain," in response to our questions about which plants would be able to do well indoors. We like having plants around us in our living space, they bring out the "zhuzh" in it...
  • I did everything right! What happened?

    Common plant problems and how to diagnose and treat them.

  • Lithops

    You need a radically different approach when taking care of lithops, and that mostly consists of not taking care of them at all! Water This might b...
  • This little light of mine (might just kill my plants)

    The truth of the matter is, unless you're willing to invest a lot in grow lights, your aesthetic must cater to your plants, and not the other way around. This does have the wonderful upside of happy, healthy plants that immediately brighten up any room and make it simultaneously more cosy and more luxe!

  • Stress coloring: 3 rules you should be following but (probably) aren't!

    With enough light (aka direct sunlight) most succulents will show you their ‘true’ colors. If you have one at home that’s green, give it a few weeks in sun, and watch it bloom in front of your eyes.