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Indoor Stars

All plants need enough light to thrive. Bright light all day with a few hours of sunshine through the window is usually the best combination for indoor plants.





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All plants need enough light to thrive. Bright light all day with... 


All plants need enough light to thrive. SUNLOVERS need about 6 hours of... 



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  • Planty Tips

    Even indoor plants need light. For plants: light = food.

    If you are getting too many yellow leaves, or new leaves are too small, use a lamp or bulb above your indoor plant to help it thrive!

  • A care card with every plant

    Each plant comes with a care card that has detailed instructions for its care. The main trouble spots to look out for are light and water - and those can change depending on season, temperature, humidity, and environment.

  • Our blog posts!

    Sometimes you feel you did everything right and the plant is still dying. We've got you covered! When your plant is dying even though you did everything right!

    Indoor plant health and care